It was a great surprise for me when today I came to know that sh. Krishna Kumar Lakhotia Ji has nominated me for The Versatile Bloggers Award. Sh. Lakhotia’s blog is titled as “kishanlakhotia(Meditation Now or Never).” and his website is
Sh. Lakhotia Ji writes very useful and enlightening blogs regarding Yoga, besides writing nice poetry. I would recommend that you follow him and get benefitted by his knowledge and creativity, experience in the field of Yoga.
I thank Sh. Lakhotia Ji from the core of my heart for the nomination.
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1. I am Shri Krishna Sharma, a simple human being. My blog website at is .

  1. I am a translator and a poet at heart. I want to spread the message of love through poetry. .

  2. I am 68 yrs now, presently live in Goa near Panjim.

  3. I was born and brought up in Delhi, worked in various private and Govt. departments and retired in 2010 from NTPC Ltd..
  4. I am a great admirer of Late Raj Kapur Ji and his team specially Mukesh Ji, Shailendra Ji etc.
  5. Again I follow the philosophy of greatness in simplicity, specially depicted by Raj Kapur Ji, and Mukesh jI, in their songs.
  6. I like to follow the principal of ‘love all, hate none’ in life.
    (Some bloggers I could have nominated, have been nominated by Lakhotia Ji, so I would not repeat them).
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  8. mistimaan
  9. lalitkishor01
  10. ananyaexpress ,Instinctive writing.
  11. Pankaz91
  12. Jyotirmoy Sarkar
  13. The Krazy Butterfly.
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  15. Ambardhara
  17. aquibview
  18. Anagha Yatin
  19. Shoma Abhyankar
  20. PritiC.
  21. roshanihraichura

I once again thank all of you for your encouragement.