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WOW: Everyone Else Was Grieving

I remember a real incident, that happened long back. That time I was a young person, in my initial service in private sector, at a very low salary. It was the circulation department of a group of magazines in Delhi, […]

Keep the memory lights close to your heart!

Again I fell in love with a lovely Ghazal sung by Bhupinder and Mitali Singh, the famous singing pair. Specially this ghazal written by Qateel Shifai Ji is there singing milestone. So first the English version of the Ghazal, attempted […]

Never thought what’s right or wrong

Now, when #MyFriendAlexa campaign is about to get completed, I am submitting one more translation of a lovely Ghazal sung by the singing pair- Jagjit Singh ji and Chitra Singh ji. The beautiful Ghazal is written by Sh. Bashir Badra […]

You win, I also win!

Now when #MyFriendAlexa campaign is coming to an end, I wish to share the English version of a very popular Hindi song from film- Diwaana, sung by Mukesh Ji. Raj Kapur Ji and Saira Banu Ji were in lead roles […]

122. फिर वही दिल लाया हूँ!

‘मॉय फ्रेंड एलेक्सा’ कैंपेन में भाग ले रहा हूँ आजकल, जिसके लिए मैं अंग्रेजी में ही पोस्ट लिख रहा हूँ, कुछ दिन और हैं इस कैंपेन के, उसके बाद अधिकतर हिंदी में ही लिखूंगा। इस बीच, लीजिए आज फिर से […]

Inspiration, Hard work, focus etc.!

Today I have to discuss about hard work, focus, involved approach, practice and research? Why? Because I have been inspired to do so, by a prompt under #IndiSpire! Yes, what I want to submit is that Inspiration is the driving […]

Would it happen or not!

Whatever is lying on the table, may not be able to tell the story, but they are the witness to a very eventful period lasting for around an hour. Sachin lives here as a PG, this is Gurgaon city, where […]

Anoop Jalota- being famous this way!

This post of mine is dedicated to famous Bhajan and Ghazal singer- Sh. Anoop Jalota. He has now come into news and I understand that a new season of ‘Big Boss’ is being presented now a days. I do not […]

Travelling and the journey called life!

The blogs people write are mostly on subjects like- Food, Travel, sports, politics, society, literature etc. etc. However Travel and Food related blogs form a major part of it. While travel blogs include destinations and hotels, blogs specifically about hotels […]




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