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True Soldier, What I think about!

The incident which took place in Pulwama resulting in the tragic death of 40 bravehearts of CRPF shook the nation. This is another example of cowardice of the Pakistani military, their adopted children- the terrorists on both sides of the […]

A Gadget invention of my choice!

This is weekend time and almost every weekend there is time for me to write based on two prompts, this is the second one. This one also is a bit similar to one I had attempted earlier, but I would […]

Long live our Great Republic

We just celebrated the 70th Republic Day of our great country India. Our Republic became 69 yrs old on 26th January, 2019. Our great leaders had made untiring efforts, sacrifices and as a result we became a free nation on […]

Walking through the evening!

Again it is time to write on the basis of weekly prompt. Naturally I would mention the details of the prompt, but in the beginning I am remembering a programme that is shown on Baby TV, for little babies, growing […]

WOW: What a journey!

Again this is time to write a blog post based on a prompt. This time the challenge is to go to an old blog post and to change it, recycle, reproduce it. I had written a blog post based on […]

WOW : A Short trip under the Sea!

Knock, knock- dreams keep knocking but we are not so open, not so ready to accept them as reality, even for some time. Such is the seriousness overshadowing of our life, life situations and more than that our unwillingness to […]




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