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WOW: What If, It is festival season always?

Now are the days of festivals, I think starting with Ganesh Puja- festivals, celebrations continue till the year-end, while the year-end, welcoming of the New Year is a big celebration in itself. There are old stories associated with each festival, […]

WOW: An alarm for me!

We daily use various facilities, tools, machines, appliances etc. in our life. Mostly the more valuable appliances or machines have an in built alarm system with them if humans are to operate them or a cut-off system, a safety valve, […]

WOW: When I Tell The Truth

Very well said by Mark Twain- “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” But it is quite hard to understand, why people weave stories when somebody asks a straight question and for reasons really not understandable […]

WOW: Everyone Else Was Grieving

I remember a real incident, that happened long back. That time I was a young person, in my initial service in private sector, at a very low salary. It was the circulation department of a group of magazines in Delhi, […]

Would it happen or not!

Whatever is lying on the table, may not be able to tell the story, but they are the witness to a very eventful period lasting for around an hour. Sachin lives here as a PG, this is Gurgaon city, where […]




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