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Come I may, but go I must!

There is a question, if I have to describe me in just one word, which word could best describe me. Let me try. I have always loved a poem by Gerald Gould- ‘Wander Thirst’. Since my schooling days I loved […]

Corona, Lock Down and Masks!

Today again talking about the Pandemic Covid-19, lock down regulations etc. There is a question asked whether I wear mask, and when was the first time I saw somebody wearing a mask etc.     Let me say that I […]

Utilising Lockout time!

Today I would write about my experience and routine activity during Lockout. I have been a retired person for last 10 years. Before that I worked near Lucknow. After retirement I shifted to Gurgaon, lived there for around 5 years […]

Ideas are like a flowing river?

We are living in an interactive world, every moment we impress others and get impressed by others too. There is a famous principle of dilectics, which says that many a times when we are not able to convince the other […]

Opposition turning irrelevant in India!

I normally avoid discussing about politics. It appears that there is nothing serious to discuss about today’s politicians, in India. In fact when I think of our politicians, specially those in opposition today, it appears that Mr. Modi   has turned […]

Two Yards Of Land!

This life of ours is termed as ‘Mirage’ by many learned people and Saints. We come to this world, we learn, acquire knowledge and skills as per our requirements and capacity and then we wish to get into a service […]

Our world and the evil forces!

Long back I had given an example from famous science fiction by H.G.Wells – The Island of Dr. Moreau, in an essay written by me for some competitive exam. In that novel the writer had woven a story according to […]

The Fittest Survive!

There was a time when our forefathers lived in jungles, as we are told. In jungles there is the law of the land, which tells that the powerful species survive. We hear about species which existed in the world earlier […]

Justice for all!

Today again discussing on an IndiSpire prompt. Question is whether law is lenient towards the rich and powerful.     We have seen examples in society and as reflected in fiction, films etc. When somebody goes for a pilgrimage, taking […]

The Power of Ignorance!

Today after some gap I am expressing my views based on IndiSpire prompt. The subject is quite interesting also and the idea is practically on display in various parts of India today.     One thing which I wish to […]




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