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Nationalism, Patriotism, Chauvinism!

The idea of nationalism is most relevant today . Though in our holy scriptures it is written ‘Janani Janmabhumishcha, Svargaadapi Gariyasi’ i.e. The mother and motherland are more precious than heaven.     The biggest problem today is that many […]

Learning and Life

We do several things in our life for survival, maintaining our status etc. but I have a feeling that the basic purpose of life is learning. A person is living as long as he or she is open to learning. […]

Teachers and Talent!

So it is time to present my views on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire- Can teachers today be called “the untalented leftovers”? Give reasons. #Teachers     Yes, I do agree that when a young person chooses his career, mostly […]

What do we need- Specialists or Generalists!

Today I am making my submission on the #IndiSpire prompt, which says- Would you rather be a specialist or a generalist? Future society will need more specialists or polymaths? Your thoughts on this debate which is going on since ‘Philosophy’ […]

Inspirational Books- Useful or Not!

Do you think Inspirational books are really useful ? #Inspirationalbooks Mentioned above is the #IndiSpire prompt, based on which I am sharing my views today. There are several types of books, creative literary books for which basic thing needed is […]

What’s wrong with Indian politics?

We Indians are the proud voters and masters of the biggest democracy in the world. After getting independence in 1947 we have made steady progress, which might be at a slower pace compared to some other countries, may be at […]




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