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Country to live in!

Again I am talking on a topic for discussion. The topic for discussion is ‘which country one would choose to live’. Frankly speaking if a person has to choose from various options, one should be well aware about the various […]

Talking about facts!

We often add a term ‘factually speaking’ to underline authenticity of what we are saying. But is there anything  which we can highlight as fact!     When we start learning, we are told that there are some universal facts, […]

Life- a celebration of gratitude.

I remember a description of a character from a novel by late Mohan Rakesh Ji. He wrote about the convent school where the hero of the novel studied and he remembers the character – a priest in the boarding school […]

Festival celebrations-Now and Then!

Festivities, celebrations are a part of human life and more so in Indian society. We have people following so many religious beliefs and so many festivals are observed in India. Not only based on religions but based on regions also […]

What Is Success As A Blogger?

I remember a movie song from Hindi film- ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai’ by Raj Kapur Ji. What all happens in that film is not, what I am discussing, just a song from that film comes to my mind, […]

Paying fine in money or with Life!

Again discussing on an # IndiSpire prompt. The issue is whether the fines recently made applicable by the Indian government for traffic violations are justifiable or not!     The very first thing to be noted is that the purpose […]

Spending the weekend, free time after work!

Today the topic that I am discussing means differently for many people, depending on their age, profession, interests etc.     Yes, how somebody spends his or her weekend or rather the free time after the working hours. Working hours […]




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