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Journey continues forever!

I remember a lovely song from a Hindi movie which says- ‘Zindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa safar, koi samjhaa nahi, koi jaana nahi’. This song says that our life is an unending journey, we are in this journey, as […]

Real Happiness, we need to achieve!

Again it is time for writing based on a weekly prompt. I found that I had recently written on a similar subject, so presenting that post with a little bit of editing. The question is –1.How happy are you? Actually […]

Creativity, Power and Values!

Again I am submitting my views based on a weekly prompt, which is- ‘When power declines, culture flourishes… do you agree?’ I just remember the example of Ravana, whom we remember as a Demon King! He was a greatly learned […]

Good Writing, How to do that?

Again writing based on the weekly prompt on #IndiSpire. The prompt this time also appears to be quite strange. Let me mention it in the very beginning. The prompt is-  ‘Is leaving the social media the right step for those […]

Living fully as Humans!

The new prompt for writing is – ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously.’ Yes very true, creatures must take their life seriously, if one does not, he or she may perish soon! But it is true for creatures […]

Online writers, reviewers-Idiots!

The weekly prompt on #IndiSpire is quite harsh towards those who write online in anyway. If I understand it covers everybody who writes online, who blogs and especially those who write Book reviews or write about lifestyle, food, fashion etc. […]

What makes a contest?

A question have been raised about the blogging activity of Indian bloggers. Why they participate in hundreds of numbers when there is a contest, but normally around ten or less participate, submit their blog posts on Indispire topics.   I […]

Travel Responsibly!

So today again I am expressing my views based on a weekly prompt on #IndiSpire. I remember that when I visited Dubai, we travelled to many nearby areas with my son there, who has become an expert in driving as […]

Violence and Democracy!

Our world has gone through many stages in history. Our country was considered to be the torch bearer of wisdom, a Guru for the world. We never tried to capture the land or the kingdom of others. While there were […]




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